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CCW50 AOP System

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Patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP For Inground Spa & Small Pool Sanitation

The Clear Comfort CCW50 AOP inground spa and small pool system deliver the easiest way to get the best, healthiest & freshest-feeling water with drinking-water chlorine levels. Powered by our patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP Technology.

  • Typical Application: Residential Inground Spas to Small Pools

  • Max. Water Flow Rate: 35 GPM

  • Dimensions: 12″H x 8″W x 3”D

  • Easy System Maintenance

  • Easy system maintenance with an annual 5-minute cartridge exchange.

  • A Simple, Adaptable Installation

  • A one-system installation with a preassembled Manifold that fits into a single section of 11” pipe in most plumbing configurations.


  • Top 50 Product  – Pool & Spa News

  • Most Valuable Product – Aquatics International


  • Swimming Pool and Spa Equipment Certified to NSF 50

  • UL File No. E482558:

  • WDLC: Water Treatment Equipment Certified

  • WDLC7: Water Treatment Equipment Certified for Canada

  • Additionally, the CCW50 is a Recognized Component for the US & Canada:

  • WDLC2: Water Treatment Equipment – Component

  • WDLC8: Water Treatment Equipment Certified for Canada – Component

  • EPA Establishment No. 91122-CO-3: Registered to Section 7 of the FIFRA Act

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


3-Year System


Industry-Leading Customer Support

Sit back & soak in the best water available


With Clear Comfort’s low-chemical water treatment system, you’ll notice the soft feeling of clean, clear water and the revitalizing difference on your skin, eyes and hair. Without the negative effects of disinfection by-products, you’ll be able to breathe deeply without the heavy scent of chlorine.

  • Softer, silkier water

  • No chemical odor

  • No red eyes

You & your family deserve healthy, clean water


Clear Comfort’s low-chemical pool and hot tub systems reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals in and around your home. Inspired by nature, Clear Comfort’s technology produces powerful hydroxyl radicals that rapidly oxidize and destroy the toughest contaminants and eliminate the harmful disinfection by-products created during chlorine sanitation.

  • Eliminate eye and skin irritation

  • Lessen risk of allergies and asthma

  • Reduce toxic chemical exposure

The best chlorine alternative

Experience clean, healthy and fresh-feeling water with drinking-water chlorine levels.


Easy & quick system maintenance

Easy system maintenance with an annual 5-minute cartridge exchange.

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Trusted quality

Our products are protected with industry-leading system warranties and money-back guarantees.*


Excellent customer support

Get direct help from our dedicated live customer support team.


How to maintain the CCW50 AOP system

The only system maintenance required for Clear Comfort’s CCW50 or CCW100 is a 5-minute Cartridge exchange each year.

Replacing your Cartridge is an easy and simple process that doesn’t require any special tools or training.

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