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Our Why


The non-profit division of Claropool, Swim To Win, began when Stephen Little, CEO of Claropool, was teaching his daughter how to swim. He saw a child next to them drowning and quickly sprung into action! At that moment he realized how few resources there are to effectively and SAFELY teach kids how to swim. So he began Swim To Win and has been able to teach hundreds of kids how to swim for FREE. 

55/5 Campaign

May is National Water Safety Month and Stephen Little and Claropool are excited to announce our 55/5 campaign! This is an effort to end drowning injuries and death, which are 100% preventable. 

We have brought in FIVE partners to match donations to help end preventable drownings. 

Our goal: $55,000 in the first 55 days of summer 2021

Ready to help?

At our company, we work hard to bring together the business of a swimming pool with the sport of swimming. 

So not only do we maintain/repair pools and teach kids how to swim through our non-profit division, Swim To Win, but we also opened up a store, Claropool Shoppe!

So no matter why the pool is being used, we want to make sure that EVERYONE is SAFE and having FUN. 




Swim to Win is a charitable organization that believes that children and adults who are involved in swimming will lead a richer, fuller life.

Our non-profit has been able to teach hundreds of kids how to swim. We have sponsored free swim lessons for tens of thousands of underprivileged children at the local and national levels. 


Throughout the years, Stephen has been able to host many swim meets and events to show the importance of swimming and teaching others how to swim. It is NEVER too late to learn to swim.


Stephen has been able to bring many Olympians to our beautiful Coachella Valley to teach kids how to swim for FREE. 

swim to win


Join our mission and help others learn a life skill they can take ANYWHERE. 

No matter if you use your pool for fitness, fun or just to float around, we have you covered. Here is the place to get everything to maximize your pool day.

From a 7ft wide angel wing float to Disney pool toys and games, the fun is ENDLESS. Enjoy your personal paradise today. 


Visit us!

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