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The FusionVac is commercial duty portable vacuum system for the pool
maintenance professional designed by a pool maintenance professional. It will efficiently remove dirt, sand and debris from your customers’ pools, spas, and fountains and be a heck of a lot easier to use.

So let me point out a few of the key features

  • 3rd Wheels for ease of use

  • C-500 Hayward Star Clear Filter

  • Weatherproof On-Off switch

  • 50-Foot AC Power  Cord

  • WhisperFlo Motor

  • Rubber endcaps on the legs to protect customer decks

  • Raised filter Deck to reduce corrosion
  • Riptide Wheels
  • Waterways Pentair pump standard industry Best Pump

  • 150 square foot filter with Unicel Cartridge and pressure gauge
  • Three port value – makes vacuuming-to-waste easy
  • Easily hooks to T-Dula style hitch
  • Blue or Black powder-coated finish
  • Rubber Ends
  • Best in Class Two Year Warranty (pump, motor and filter)
We also offer these options
  • 75’ and 100’ power cords add $25, $35, and $50 respectively
  • T- Dula style hitch (blue or black) $399
  • Concealed GPS tracking device $15 monthly subscription because it sucks when someone steals your tools
  • 35’ 12 gauge insulated power cord with integrated GFCI switch – no more blowing your customer's circuit that servers the refrigerator in the garage.


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FusionVac Story

I am Stephen Little CEO of the iconic brand's Inspector Dottie, Claropool.

My mission is to make pools safer and help pool professionals grow and succeed.

I am here today to tell you about our new product FusionVac. The port-a-vac reimagined.

My company Claro Pools has been cleaning and maintaining pools for over 25 years.
We clean over 600 pools twice a week. We’ve used every type of portable vacuum
on the market, and none of them met our needs. 

So, this year I decided to design and build a port-a-vac that did the job we needed to do.
First, a little history

The port-a-vac started with a furniture dolly, plywood, baling wire and plumbers’
tape. The idea was to allow the “pool guy” to be more efficient and do a better job
by bringing his own filter and vacuum. The concept has evolved a little over the
years but was still a glorified furniture dolly.


And our crews struggled with vacuuming thousands of pounds of dirt and sand,
hard-to-wheel carts tripped circuits and stolen carts.

So we set out to solve those problems and make a better port-a-vac.

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FusionVac Photos

FusionVac Videos


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We deliver twice a month to the following areas

  • San Diego

  • Los Angles

  • Phoenix

  • Tucson

  • Las Vegas

  • Inland Empire

  • Orange County

If you need it sooner or are out of range, call to get the shipping cost,

or you can pick them up at our warehouse in 

Palm Desert, California. 

We’re excited to offer this to our industry.

Thank you for your time and interest.

If you have additional questions, call 855.347.2450 or

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