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We're Hiring!

We are always expanding our team. Currently, we are hiring pool technicians that will be out on the field cleaning pools and spas. The claropool team members that have been with us for years, all say that they look working here because there is ALWAYS work!

Never have a dull day here, especially with the amazing office views you will have at each location. Just look at this example!

Working here is a rewarding experience, and you don't need to have any experience to start, we train right from day ONE.

But wait! there are more reasons to work with us...


We Train You

The pool has many components to it, so every pool technician goes through hands-on training. This is way better than sitting in a classroom and not fully learning what exactly to do. Plus, this hands-on training earns you the certificates you need to be working out on the field with chemicals and all of the pool equipment. Did we forget to mention it is paid hands-on training? Pretty sweet stuff!


Work Four Days a Week

We give you a break in between to catch up on whatever you need to do and REST. The desert can get pretty hot, especially working out in the pools, so we made it where you get days off in the workweek, and Sundays you will ALWAYS have off. It is a pretty nice balance between work and personal life.

Reason #3

We Provide Everything You Need

What other pool company can say that? We provide uniforms, work trucks, equipment, and even gas! Just come to work ready and determined to make every day a great workday.

Reason #4

Dental Insurance

A healthy you is very important to us. So, while we are working hard every day to make pools pristine and we want to make sure that so are your teeth! So we provide some awesome dental insurance that can also cover your family. Just another way to keep that #claroclean guarantee.

Reason #5

Vision Insurance

TWO benefits from a pool company?! YUP! Making sure you see is very important, from cooking, to driving, to cleaning pools. Our vision insurance helps you so that you longer have to miss out on the best sights to see. We live in the Coachella Valley, after all, there are beautiful sights everywhere! Get a 20/20 vision with our help.

There are so many more benefits to working with us. Do not miss out on working with a rewarding pool company.


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