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Drowning is silent!

Updated: May 10, 2022

May is National Water Safety Month.

Many of you know that Claropool's mission is to prevent kids from drowning. Over the years, we continuously see the number of drownings increase, and it needs to stop!

Together, we can keep EVERYONE SAFE. With the help of our non-profit division, Swim to Win, we have been able to teach thousands upon thousands of kids how to swim.

As we help kids how to swim with our 55/5 campaign, here are some ways you can help right at home in addition to having your child take swimming lessons!

What can you do about drowning prevention?

The most important is to follow safety rules:

1) Always watch your kids in the pool; A child can drown in as little as 20 seconds

2) Learn CPR

3) Know your limits, don't swim if you are tired

4) Never swim alone

5) Request a pool inspection if you are a new pool owner or have never had an assessment before; the experts will be able to assess how can you make your pool safer

6) Teach kids how to get in safely and out of the water

Is there anything else you can do to protect your kids from drowning?

We recently found the newest technology devices that can be used as an ADDITIONAL layer of safety protection. They are camera devices that use Artificial Intelligence to detect if the person in the pool is not moving.

Here is a list with the link and the producer's description:

Much more than a pool alarm, WAVE uses ultralight wearables to determine if a swimmer or non-swimming is at risk of drowning.

If detected, our system will immediately alert, so you can act quickly before things can escalate.

CamerEye is an AI camera-based product that creates a 24/7 safety and security ecosystem that can detect distress or near-drowning behavior through AI-powered overhead cameras. With our Smart Fence technology, you can customize monitoring areas and adjust on/off functionality. CamerEye keeps you informed and in control of your pool at all times.

The CORAL system alerts you in two cases:

- Entry Alert – As soon as it “sees” a child or a person entering the pool for the first time (after the pool was completely empty for several minutes) the CORAL will sound a short alert to let you know that someone is in the pool.

- Drowning Risk alert: As soon as CORAL “sees” a motionless child/person, with the head under the surface of the water, it will start sounding a loud and escalating alarm

All alarms are sound in the pool itself, in the plug I home unit, and push notifications are sent to all the paired smartphones and the image of the event that triggered the alarm.

Remember, drowning is preventable, join our mission and share that article with your friends and family; there is no better time to educate ourselves about water safety than in May :)

Visit our website to donate to the 55/5 campaign. All of the money will have a 100% impact kids learning to swim.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us with further questions:


Claro Pool is a pool company in Palm Desert, CA, leading the way in swimming pool repair & maintenance services and offering professional pool inspection during escrow.

We love our community, and that's why our mission is to make pools cleaner, healthier and safer. We have had more than 20 years of experience in the pool industry and service many pool homes in the Coachella Valley.

Our team manages over 100 million gallons of recreational water every month! Our expertise and unmatched professional pool service are why thousands of Coachella Valley families trust the Claropool daily to ensure their pools are safe and ready to enjoy.

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