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How does Claro Pool improve its environmental impact?

Happy Earth Day in whatever way you celebrate; however you reduce your impact on our globe, I thank you as a human being and a business leader.

Claro Pool might be a small business, at least in my mind, but as Greta Thunberg once said, you are never too small to make a difference.

We are proud to announce that by the end of 2022, with our fingers crossed and if Ford cooperates with us, our vast fleet is being replaced with all-electric Ford vehicles. It is by and far the most significant step Claro Pool has ever taken to minimize our ecological footprint.

A few years ago, probably 20, but it seems like just a few, we switched to HASA's proprietary plastic reusable and recyclable bottles. This made a significant impact on the amount of plastic that was being thrown away, and we have saved millions and millions of pounds of plastic out of landfills.

We also recycle every bit of paper in our office. It's shredded and recycled, and our vendor acknowledges that we save thousands of trees per year.

We offer our clients the newest technological solutions to help them be more environmentally friendly.

It is important to note here that we also lead the way in installing more variable speed pumps than anybody on planet earth as a pool company. Variable speed pumps dramatically reduce the energy consumption required for your swimming pool.

We love our planet, and that is something more than just words to be said. It is our incumbency as business leaders to ensure that we're doing things and taking steps to reduce our impact on the globe.

We will continue to find and follow new solutions to minimize our individual and corporate footprints on this Earth.

We hope that you will join us; please don't hesitate to reach out if you want to know more about what we can do today to make your pool more environmentally friendly or reduce your impact on the globe as related to your pool.

Stephen Little, the CEO of Claro Pool


Claro Pool is a pool company in Palm Desert, CA, leading the way in swimming pool repair & maintenance services and offering professional pool inspection during escrow.

We love our community, and that's why our mission is to make pools cleaner, healthier and safer. We have had more than 20 years of experience in the pool industry and service many pool homes in the Coachella Valley.

Our team manages over 100 million gallons of recreational water every month! Our expertise and unmatched professional pool service are why thousands of Coachella Valley families trust the Claropool daily to ensure their pools are safe and ready to enjoy.


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