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Make your pets happy in the pool by following these dog safety tips!🐶

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Here are some pet water tips for making it a great experience for you and your dog.


Start small. Puppies and other young babies will be more ambitious at this stage and less likely to develop water phobia, especially if you start introducing them early. The bathtub is the perfect beginning point. Fill the tub with no more than a couple of inches of water, toss on your swimsuit and splash together! This will create a fond association with water.

Let your little one test their boundaries on steps or other gently sloping areas when you do decide to hit the pool. A zero-entry pool would be ideal if you’re lucky enough to access one, but basic steps work too. Let them work up the courage to move gradually into the water.

Stay with your pet at all times. This is crucial. Even if your pup is a great swimmer, it’s not a good idea to purposefully let them do it alone. Anything could happen. And when you’re in the teaching process, you’ll want to hover your hands near your baby, while they become stronger swimmers. Dogs naturally tend to paddle, but some aren’t talented enough at the beginning, so they will need you!

Wait until after the swim “sesh” to chow down. Swimming with a full belly can cause some serious tummy troubles, that could easily be avoided by waiting on the food. Feed your pet a few hours before swim time, to give digestion a good head start.

Play games in the water! Remember, this is a great time to bond and have a great time. Play fetch with floating balls when they have become confident, or simply splash around.

Consider a life jacket for all pets, except maybe ducks! Even if they have become great at treading the water, tiredness can still set in at any time. A life jacket will give you peace of mind while letting your buddy focus more on playtime.

Give them a wash and dry them afterward, because things like chlorine can irritate the skin. Also, dogs can develop swimmer’s ear, so be sure to clean their ears after a swim. Blow dry and groom as usual.

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Make your pets happy in the pool by following these dog safety tips!

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