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What is going on in the pool industry?

We have seen and heard shortages all over the places. It is quite ridiculous how bad these times are. We are facing some head-on, but also proving other solutions and routes to take to combat shortages.

How are we still able to thrive and save your summer? Teamwork, lots of dedication, and love for pools.

Below we list some issues we are facing with some great solutions!

Problem: Gas prices

Yeah, we live in California, prices are already high, but this is outrageous. Some places have already gone above 4 dollars. It is crazy!

We do recover from this though.


For the time being, we are taking measures and rerouting our whole routine for pool cleanings! This has created a whole change for everyone but has resulted in a more efficient route for our pool cleaning team. This way there is no going back and forth from one city to another and then going back. We are able to save more on gas and time!

Problem: Chlorine

Yes, there is a chlorine shortage, but not with all chlorine, mostly chlorine tablets. The reason being is that back in August there was a huge fire at Biolab in Louisiana, which a huge factory that produces the tablets. So, by wiping out a 1/3 of the tablets available, the production greatly reduced.

We absolutely cannot let pols go green! That is DANGEROUS. A badly maintained pool welcomes waterborne illnesses, bacteria, algae, and more. GROSS!


No fear though, we are still able to provide great service and a stable pool with liquid chlorine, minerals, salt chlorinators, and UV sanitizers.

How the heck does each work?

Liquid Chlorine

It is still widely produced and can still effectively clean your pool by directly adding it to your pool. Mixing the two (tablets and liquid) can cause some trouble, luckily, our pool cleaning team knows exactly what to do to change from a tablet feeder to liquid chlorine.


Technology is advancing and in the pool industry, we have something called Nature2Fusion where it greatly reduces the amount of chlorine that is being used by also adding silver and copper to the pool which effectively cleans your pool. This alternative will keep controlling bacteria, algae, and other harmful contaminants.


Yup. If we combine Chlorine with Sodium, we get NaCl, otherwise known as table salt. Totally safe to add to your meals when combine. When adding salt to salt chlorinator, it through a process called electrolysis, where it dissolves and naturally adds chlorine to the pool. So in this case, it is okay to have your pool be salty.

UV sanitizers/Ozone