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Top Pool Trends👙💦

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

The Best Pool Trends We Expect to See in the Future

Gone are the days when swim-up bars and flashy glass completed the look of a swimming pool. Pool owners today are looking for a minimalistic and refined design with more functionalities and attractive themes. In fact, the swimming pool industry is currently experiencing a revolution as new ideas and innovative designs are flooding the market. Pool designers are thinking out of the box and going full length to meet customer expectations while aligning with their lifestyles and preferences.

If you are looking to install a pool and are interested to know the pool trends that would stay for the near future, this article is for you.

Pool location, size, and space

When designing your pool space, you are recommended to first consider and plan the pool location. Since a swimming pool is a focal point in any property, particularly the backyard, you should ensure to get it installed in the right place.

A successful pool design involves a lot of factors, the chief among them being the location and amount of space it occupies. It is agreed that the pool is the center of attraction and comes next only to your home. However, you must try to bring about a design that actually complements your home and other property designs. Simply said, your pool should not overshadow your home. The size of the pool should be properly planned to literally transform the look of your backyard. It neither should be too large nor too small.

A renowned and experienced pool builder can help you design a successful fiberglass pool.

Layout and shape

As mentioned earlier, pool owners today are opting for a simple pool layout and shape, square and rectangle shapes being the most popular. Floating steppers are also in the trend for a few years, and will continue to dominate. Given people’s inclination towards simplified pool designs, oversized pools have greatly reduced.

A fiberglass pool can be a great option if you are looking for a simple, small and practical pool design and shape.

Infinity-edge pools

Who doesn’t like an infinity pool? This innovative pool offers a look like no other. Simple and minimalistic, infinity-edge pools appear stunning and are largely preferred for resorts, spas, and big hotels. Of late, homeowners with a large backyard garden are also opting for infinity pools to create one-of-a-kind spaces within their property premises. However, it is to be noted here that these pools require a proper location to rightly fit in.

Dark Pools

Blue-and-white shade swimming pools have ruled the market for decades. A recent trend has been the darker pools, meaning using darker shades to bring about a lagoon kind of look. Cool and innovative, don’t you think so? Dark pools appear splendid, and people have begun considering the darker shades for their family pools. Try this option if you are bored with the typical white and blue shades. Your pool is definitely going to create a unique look for your backyard.

Tiled Pools

Fully tiled pools are an affordable option. Tiles have become cheaper, and buying them for pool interiors is well within reach of many people. Tiled pools are also easier to build, have smooth underfoot, and require simple maintenance. Further, since small pools are the trend, pool tiling cost has come down significantly. This means, fully tiled pools are affordable and largely preferred by pool lovers with a restricted budget. Tiled pools are in the trend and will continue to rule, at least until something innovative takes over.

Water and Fire features

They are back! Water Features and Fire Features are attractive elements and have been a part of space design for centuries. They are now integrated into pool design, to provide a mind-blowing effect. A simple fire wok or a fire bowl will add to the beauty of your pool, ultimately creating a backyard where you would love to spend every evening. You can think of more options and share your thoughts with your pool designer, to finally create a luxury spa-like backyard. To learn more about these pools, visit

Saltwater Pools

Once a popular option for luxury resorts, hotels, and cruise ships, saltwater pools are now increasingly preferred by homeowners. These pools contain lower amounts of chemicals, making it much safer for swimmers, particularly aged adults and children. The saltwater pools, in addition, reduce swimming-linked wrinkles and red eyes, making them a healthy pool option. Moreover, unlike chlorine-rich pools, saltwater pools do not act upon the colorful swimsuits, helping you retain the vibrant hues longer.

If you are allergic to chlorine and suffer from red eyes/itchy skin after swimming, you are best advised to get a saltwater pool for your home. We believe they are the future of swimming pools.

Smart Pool maintenance

Smartphones have entered all areas, and the swimming pool industry is no exception. Today, pool owners can operate their pool heating and filtration systems from their smartphones, making operating/maintenance a breeze. Tri-link controllers, in fact, can link the swimming pool’s filtration equipment to any android or iPhone effortlessly. This intuitive and automated technology has come as a blessing to busy pool owners.

If you are a busy person and thinking twice about getting a pool because of maintenance worries, we suggest you take those worries off. Pool maintenance has become pretty easy with smart technology making its way into the world of pools. Smart pools for smarter people!


The future pool trends revolve around minimalistic designs that complement your home and backyard space. Most importantly, these trends are born to make pool owners’ life easier.

Nobody likes to spend their weekends cleaning and maintaining stuff when all they look forward to is relaxation and quality family time. Keeping this in mind, pools today are built to be small, and simplify maintenance while providing all features and qualities for you to enjoy.

Determine your need, and the space available for pool installation, and plan a budget. Once you are ready with your ideas, get in touch with your local pool builder that is also reputed and reliable.

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