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What is the 55/5 campaign?

May is National Water Safety Month. This year Stephen Little and the claropool team want to do something BIG since events cannot happen just yet. We are launching our new effort to end preventable drownings and injuries with our 55/5 campaign.

Together we can end drownings!

This idea sparked in honor of his friend and founder of KIDS ALIVE- do the five, which has been a huge success in Australia.

The number 5 is so important in this effort!

With just $55 dollars, we can teach a child how to swim. Together, we can help a child learn a new life skill that they can take ANYWHERE.

Over the past few years, we brought together many Olympians to help teach tens of thousands of kids how to swim for FREE at the Palm Desert Aquatic Center and the YMCA.

We have partnered up with Olympians and leaders in the business of swimming pools. This effort brings together the business of swimming with the sport of swimming for one common goal:


This effort could not be done without the kind donations of our community. We are taking the step in the right direction to help kids have amazing lives in the pool world!

All of the money will have a 100% impact on kids learning to swim.

Our goal is to raise $55,000 dollars by the first 55 days of summer.... with your help we CAN do this!

Here are some ways that you can donate



USA Swimming

Care of: The Swim to Win Initiative

42161 Beacon Hill

Palm Desert, CA. 92211-5108



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