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So your listing in the Coachella Valley has gone into escrow, that is great! Now time to get the contracts ready, hire a home inspector and get home insurance. But there is ONE thing you're missing if the home has a pool...


We hear it quite often, "Well, the home inspector does pools too, so we will not need the extra service." Think about this: wouldn't it be better to hire a baker for a cake you want rather than a sushi chef? The same goes for pool inspections! Hire the pros that work in the pool industry every single day and know the ins and outs of a pool.

Ready for a pool inspection?

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We have had 20 years in the pool industry and servicing the many pool homes of the Palm Desert area and surrounding cities. We have seen many times over and over how a bad inspection from a home inspector caused pool equipment to go bad fast.

So why get a pool inspection??

Reason #1

There are so many things that can many any equipment go bad‑ from bad maintenance to enough sun exposure...

Ensure that everything is safe, healthy and running efficiently.

Yes, the pool equipment needs special paint to protect it from UV damage. It is always best to find out the current status is of the equipment.

Reason #2

Have you heard the phrase "Prevention is always less expensive than doing repairs" well it fits perfectly in this case scenario!

When a pump filter is not maintained correctly, and it unexpectedly fails it can lead to a domino effect! Here we were able to prevent a huge fire! Pool pumps require some special care. There are safety guidelines for when to run the pumps and what to look out for. Here a lot was ignored, but we were called right on time to fix the problems before danger appeared.

Reason #3

This is for the people in Palm Springs and surrounding areas that own Airbnb homes.

People LOVE to come and vacation to the Palm Springs area BUT when any guest has to deal with a pool problem because of an unexpected problem, it will ruin their vibe and your reviews, that is a big no-no.

As homeowners of a vacation rental pool home, it is important to keep your pool equipment in tip-top condition and get inspections frequently.

Reason #4

Our pool inspections are done by people that have done everything there is to do with a pool- from construction to installations, to maintenance. They are the experts with a specific set of skills that will ensure your new pool will run safely and efficiently.

Nothing will be missed either! We provide a thorough safety report with every single inspection that comes with pictures as well!

Reason #5

Ensure the chemistry of the water is perfectly balanced

If you notice your pool water looking murky or dirty, check the water chemistry with a testing kit to ensure it is balanced correctly.

If you notice the water quickly lose its clarity or smell chlorine, it's time to look at whether your pool pump, pool filter, or chlorinator is faulty.

Let your family members/guests enjoy the best part of the new home! It is actually the perfect place to go after a long day of unpacking and organizing!

Reason #6

Prevent warranty issues!

No one wants to walk into their new pool home and suddenly have their pool equipment fail on them! That ruins the fun and enjoyment of the NEW home!

Do not have your buyers make phone calls after phone calls trying to get a hold of someone for the warranty, nor have it be a surprise that the warranty of the equipment expired!

We can inspect and make sure that all equipment is up-to-date and in-warranty so no one else has to!

Reason #7

There are SO many components to a pool, from the wiring to the equipment to the pool itself! We have been working around pools for 20 years now, and our mission for these inspections is to ensure that the pool has a good flow and your buyers can enjoy their new pool for years to come!

Remember, a healthy and efficient pool is a clean pool!

Reason #8

Look at all of those wires! Some pools require a lot more wiring than others, like this one with a pool and spa! This requires a special inspection so nothing is out of place nor faulty.

Never worry about the electrical components of the pool! Our repair team has well over 50 years combined of experience and stays up-to-date with new changes and methods of handling the electrical components.

Reason #9

Different pools require different equipment. Many people are making the switch to saltwater and their equipment will not function properly with a pump used for chlorine!

A pool has a personality too. Sometimes it can be salty, sometimes it can have a spa-tacular side to them. We want to make sure that every pool gets properly taken care of. That way, the pool is ready when the swimmer is.

So we will check that the pool equipment is perfectly matched to the pool and up-to-date!

Reason #10

We work diligently every day to ensure a pool is properly maintained. Now, a pool and spa do not only have water and some chemicals. It was a whole system helping it run and be crystal clear.

As a pool maintenance and repair company, we know the ins and outs of a pool like the back of our hand. So we know what to check when we get an inspection call. This is a very special request. We were called AFTER a home inspector was and we found something they missed. A leak in a GAS LINE.


Protect the buyers and sellers from a big problem like this and get the pool inspected by us ASAP. Take preventative measures and ensure a safe and healthy pool!

Reason #11

No one wants to go for a swim only to see no water in the pool! We do LOVE to see that our desert is filled with beautiful palm trees that are well maintained, but like many plants, they need water!

What we do not realize is that the palm tree roots are like drinking straws and they are literally sucking the water out of the pool when put too close to the pool.

This can cause the water line to always be low, which will require the homeowner to ALWAYS fill up the pool... and spend more on the water bill. The roots of the palm trees could also reach pipes and break them and that's a repair that can be costly.

Prevent unnecessary expenses and take protective measures!


We suppose we should call this Part 1 of many more parts to a pool inspection. So many things can go wrong and it can all be prevented by a Through Safety Pool Inspection from us at claropool.

Ready for a pool inspection?

Click here or call (760)341-3377


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