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CCW25 AOP System

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Patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP For Portable Spa, Swim Spa, Plunge Pool & Personal Hot Tub Sanitation

The Clear Comfort CCW25™ AOP portable spa & swim spa system delivers the easiest way to get the best, healthiest & freshest-feeling water with drinking-water chlorine levels. Powered by our patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP Technology.

  • Typical Application: Residential Portable Spas, Swim Spas, Plunge Pools & Personal Hot Tubs

  • Max. Water Flow Rate: 30 GPM

  • Dimensions: 11″H x 5″W x 5″D
    (Not Including Mounting Tabs) 

  • 1-Minute System Maintenance

    • Enjoy system maintenance that only requires
      less than 1 minute every year

  • Easy Accessory Integration

    • Designed to easily integrate your flow meter and accessory pump to your spa’s needs.

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


3-Year System


Industry-Leading Customer Support

Spa care, reimagined for wellness

Experience fresh, healthy & soft-feeling water with drinking-water chlorine levels & minimal toxic chemicals.

Low-touch water treatment

Free yourself from toxic chemical handling after every use & enjoy system maintenance that takes less than 1 min. every year.

Unwind in fresh, soft-feeling water that looks as good as it feels & is always ready for you to enjoy.

Breath easy & feel rejuvenated

Extend the life of your spa

Protect the longevity of your spa surfaces & equipment, with non-corrosive spa water that’s healthy for you & your spa.

Sit back & soak in the best water available

With Clear Comfort’s low-chemical water treatment system, you’ll notice the soft feeling of clean, clear water and the revitalizing difference on your skin, eyes and hair. Without the negative effects of disinfection by-products, you’ll be able to breathe deeply without the heavy scent of chlorine.

  • Softer, silkier water

  • No chemical odor

  • No red eyes

Designed for easy spa & swim spa ownership​

Experience the best full-flow water treatment available in a flexible design that’s to easy integrate, use and enjoy.

The CCW25 guards the health and wellness of you and your spa. Simplify your spa water care with the CCW25 that provides spa water that looks as good as it feels with freedom from toxic chemical handling after every use.

How to maintain the CCW25 AOP system

The only system maintenance required for Clear Comfort’s CCW25 is a 1-minute Cartridge exchange each year.

Replacing your Cartridge is an easy and simple process that doesn’t require any special tools or training.

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