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Califonia swimming pool accidents

Swimming Pool Accidents in California

There are approximately 1.18 million residential swimming pools in California. While pools are a great way to stay cool in the Golden State’s warm climate, they come with inherent risks.

Each year, California has swimming pool accidents resulting in injury. These accidents are why Claropool went through and standardized our swimming pool service. If the owner of a swimming pool knew about a dangerous condition and did not inform a guest, this can be a failure to provide a duty of care.

Other things that can lead to potentially serious claims against a pool owner:

  • A pool owner causes a dangerous condition to exist

  • A pool owner knowing about a dangerous condition and choosing not to remedy the danger

  • An owner knowing about a dangerous condition AND any reasonable person providing care for the property would have fixed the issue

  • A pool owner not taking reasonable steps towards making a pool area safe and the surrounding area safe

  • Improper maintenance of chemical feeders

For example, we receive dozens of calls from people wanting to get new pool pumps. “It’s just a simple swap the owner says.” Here is what is getting missed

  • The pool owner not knowing that electrical bonding is required under NEC 680

  • The pool owner not knowing a new pump may cause more suction than the drain cover is rated for

  • A pool owner not correctly protecting the electrical feeding of the pool pump with a GFCI breaker

  • A pool owner hiring an unlicensed professional to swap out a pool pump, and allowing dangerous conditions to exist

California swimming pool accidents can be avoided by following professional advice. By following standards and guidelines such as ASTM/ANSI, ISPSC, ICC, and VGBA. The costs involved in swimming pool accidents can be astounding but can be avoided by taking simple steps to mitigate risk.

A few more frequent causes for injury around swimming pools that we see all too often

  • Improper safety gates allowing small children to access pools or pool areas

  • Failure to maintain a swimming pool can mean residential or commercial

  • Broken chemical feeders can overfeed chemicals in pools and cause severe and adverse chemical reactions

  • Not enforcing a no-drinking policy around swimming pools and whirlpools

  • Not having trained pool operators on commercial swimming pools.

Swimming pool injuries and Statistics

In California, drowning is the 2nd leading cause of death for children ages 1-5. On average, 31 children die from drowning in swimming pools every year.

Facing facts

According to the California Department of Developmental Services, 185 children every year are hospitalized for near-fatal drowning injuries, including traumatic brain injuries.

Swimming pools pose a health risk to swimmers and a legal risk to owners. Keep your lawsuit going off the deep end!

Call @Claropool! because ''A safer pool is an inspected pool''


Claro Pool is a pool company in Palm Desert, CA, leading the way in swimming pool repair & maintenance services and offering professional pool inspection during escrow.

We love our community, and that's why our mission is to make pools cleaner, healthier and safer. We have more than 20 years of experience in the pool industry and service many pool homes in the Coachella Valley.

Our team manages over 100 million gallons of recreational water every month! Our expertise and unmatched professional pool service are why thousands of Coachella Valley families trust the Claropool daily to ensure their pools are safe and ready to enjoy.

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