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"I can't say enough about how happy we are with our Claro Pool!"

"We had our pool resurfaced, leaks repaired, safety measures installed, and pool equipment moved to a better location. We were no more reaching down into the muddy hole to turn the valves by hand! We operate our pool from our cellphones now! Steve listened to ALL our ideas and put together the perfect pool for our needs, right down to the cool grab bars.

Carlos keeps our pool crystal clear and bug-free, and a technician comes periodically to clean the filters and check everything else. The staff is always professional, thorough, and kind. I love that I can call the store and ask questions. I recently ordered pool loungers, which were delivered at the next cleaning. Carlos showed up one morning during a small birthday brunch for my husband. He offered to play Happy Birthday on guitar for him. That's a nice guy! I can't say enough about how happy we are with our Claro Pool!"

-Barb S.

We appreciate the opportunity to make MUSIC with you! A successful pool renovation requires creativity and diligence from the contractor and, more importantly, the owner (s). We LOVED working with you!


If you worked with us, please be so kind to leave a review. It will help others get high-quality pool service and allow us pool service.

Work with us? Please leave us a review!

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Claro Pool is a pool company in Palm Desert, CA, leading the way in swimming pool repair & maintenance services and offering professional pool inspection during escrow.

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call (760)341-3377

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