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10 Benefits to Swimming

Knock, Knock! It's summer, what are you doing still inside? Go outside and have some fun, the pool is waiting for you! While you are having fun in the pool, you are also helping your body be fit and healthy!

How so?

Provides a full-body workout

While you are swimming and moving your arms and legs, you are torching calories. You may not feel it, but it is true! It is nice to know that there at least one fun activity out there that hides the fact that we are working out! Plus it is the easier full-body workout since you are not putting any stress on your body... nor lifting weights. So stop laying on the float and swim with the float.

Stay Heart Healthy

In this kind of exercise, no matter if you are floating or swimming, you are moving. Which is keeping your heart rate up and in turn, training your heart to not work so hard to pump blood into your system! hooray for better circulation.

Sleep Better

Have trouble sleeping at night? Go swim! Ever have a great swim that when you sleep on your bed, you feel that you are just floating on the waves of your pool? It is such a relaxing feeling. After a good swim, you are tired and can induce sleep faster. Also, since swimming helps with your mood, you can go to sleep without any stress on your mind! Soon, you will be sleeping like a baby.

Reduce Anxiety

Swimming in the pool is the best feeling in the world! Why is that? When you swim, you release Endorphins, which are hormones that make you feel happy! So no longer do you have to drive hours to the amusement park to get the rush of excitement, just go out and swim! We guarantee you'll be smiling!

Live longer

Since swimming is an excellent workout AND helps you feel good, you are getting rid of the negative attributes of life. Being healthy promotes a healthier lifestyle and helps you live longer. Think of all the places you can travel to, explore and experience, all because swimming trained you to be healthier and happier.

Build Muscle

Gains! Want to remove some unwanted fat? SWIM! You will be training ALL of your muscles when you swim some laps, or even just out having fun! No need for fancy equipment nor an expensive membership to a gym, all you need is a pool! Get your dream body by swimming!

Breath Better

In the water, out the water.... you are controlling your breathing. You train your body to effectively work when you hold your breath. This is because you're breathing and not breathing at a fast pace, which is training your body to effectively use the air you do have when you go underwater. As a result, your cardio abilities will skyrocket. So if you want to run a marathon one day, Swim!

Boost mood

When swimming with friends or just doing some laps