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4th of July Pool Party Ideas

Fourth of July is right around the corner, are you ready for your party? There is still time to get the food, decorations, and invitations sent out! However, if you have are planning to do a pool party, you must prioritize getting the pool set above all else.

Yes, the pool is a fun place to be in during the holidays, but we must always make sure it is safe and we are always watching out for the swimmers. So, we helped prepare a small checklist of things that should be done before the guests arrive.

Water Test

Having perfectly balanced pool water is very important because it helps prevent waterborne illnesses, itchy skin, and red eyes. Let's avoid that.

  1. bring a bottle filled with your pool water to the store

  2. have Sofia help you test your water

  3. Get results and what you need to do!

Even better is that if you need something, our claropool shoppe carries it! (limited supply)

42161 Beacon Hill

Palm Desert, CA 92211

Using your senses

Your senses are a valuable piece in keeping your pool safe.

Safety Inspection

Nothing prepares you more than a safety pool inspection! A safety pool inspection with claropool means going over everything! We check out the pool water, deck, pool equipment, and everything else that involves the pool!

There is still time to book your inspection:


Now that we have the safety list checked off, you can go out and have FUN! Below are some pool party ideas to do! What is awesome too is that most of these games are available at our claropool shoppe!

42161 Beacon Hill

Palm Desert, CA 92211

Fun Floats

Nothing is more exciting than wanting to jump into the pool and swim with a fun float! At our claropool shoppe, we have super fun ones from a swan to a jellyfish!


The Olympics are right around the corner, so why not enjoy a race with the family!

Float Races

Grab a float and let the races begin! This provides a much tougher challenge since you have the float pushing you back.


Always a classic to play at any family gathering!

Ring Toss

A classic that can be played in or out of the pool by anyone of any age!

Water Volleyball

Try spiking the ball in the water, that is tough! There is a whole new challenge and so many can play! Are you up for the challenge?


The classic game to play, so run out on the field and after every touchdown jump in the pool!

Hydro Catch

Play catch in the pool! You can jump higher too to catch that high ball.

Squirt Gun War

Always fun to play a watergun fight!

Which game seems the more fun to you? Do not see a classic pool party game to play on this list?

Let us know in the comments below!



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