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How can the only swimming pool lifestyle company in the Coachella Valley help you?

We have been servicing the Coachella Valley pools for 20 years now and combined, our maintenance and repair team has well over 70 years of experience! We are not just a pool maintenance company that just cleans your pool twice a week and provides pictures after every visit... we are WAY MORE than that!

Some of the areas we service are:

Palm Springs

Palm Desert

Cathedral City

Desert Hot Springs

Indian Wells

La Quinta



We do not just clean up the pool twice a week, we do so much more than that! Check it out!

Get a thorough tile cleaning with claropool! We do what is called "blasting", where we use black high pressured chemicals to get rid of the calcium build-up that is making your pool look old and dirty!

With our bead blastings, you'll have a new-looking pool faster than making lunch!

We did a HUGE pool remodel for one of our customers. It was a complete renovation from the deck to the landscape. After we were done, our customers fell in love with their backyard all over again.

Give your pool some care and make it look brand new again with our help! Everything we do is with detailed precision and care!

Not only are you able to control the lights from your pool, but also your spa lights, spa jets, pumps, and even check your pool's chemistry balance!

Technology has come so far and we are so glad to have it be a part of pool systems, it helps make pool days much more enjoyable.

Come July 19, 2021, there will be a BIG change in pool pump regulations. To save more on energy and have your pool be more efficient, the regulations call for having "variable speed" pumps! So make sure you have that checked!

Not only that we also install all sorts of pool equipment and more!

and SO much more our swimming pool maintenance.


We also help you stay up-to-date with pool information that is VERY IMPORTANT

A BIG change is coming to the pool industry...


The staple between a healthy you and a healthy pool is short and whatever is available right now is in very high demand and very high in price. What does that mean for the pool industry? Well, we have to be very careful with what we have and find alternatives.

Luckily, we have one awesome alternative.


Why salt? It NATURALLY produces chlorine. After all, the chemical formula for it is NaCl, Sodium Chloride. How does a saltwater pool work?

First, you have to have a salt chlorinator installed. Now, when there is salt circulating through the chlorinator, the salt will go through a process called Electrolysis, which will create Chlorine and sent that new chemical to the pool!

This process helps your pool stay sanitized all while disinfecting your pool of any harmful waterborne illnesses. It really a cool process and we are so glad this alternative is made possible for our pools.

Not only is salt a safe alternative for our pools, but it also benefits YOU

Softer on the skin

Does not irritate the eyes

There are SO many more benefits to a saltwater pool, we are just scratching the surface! If you want to enjoy a summer in your pool without worries about it being properly cleaned, then give us a call! We have a team ready to install your salt chlorinator. After that, our maintenance team is ready to keep it #claroclean.

Your pool, ready when YOU are.

Ready to make the switch? (760)341-3377


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