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Pool safety and pet doors

a cute Yorkshire looking at the camera standing on the wood ramp on the way to get through a pet doors

One of the things that we check when doing pool inspection is inspecting for the doggy dors. Pet doors are convenient for homeowners who have beloved furry friends because it is easier to keep your home clean without restricting your pet's access to food or bathroom breaks.

On the other hand, it can be a dangerous solution for pool house owners.

Why can it be dangerous?

The answer is simple; kids can unintentionally crawl through it and fall into the pool. According to the Safety Research and Strategies website, roughly 75 percent of all pet door incidents result in injury or death. A small 38-pound child can easily pass through the opening and into trouble.

How exactly do we inspect doggy doors?

Our pool inspectors are looking for alarms on pet doors to ensure they are alarmed and lockable, so we don't lose our children or our beloved furry friends.

That's why it is crucial to schedule a Pool Inspection with an experienced swimming pool contractor. Pool Inspection is more complex and detailed than a home inspection and can be a lifesaver.

Schedule a Pool Inspection with Cairo Pool today!

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As an Award-winning number #1 in the California pool company, we made it our mission to help you become a safe and responsible pool owner.

For Claropool, no problem is too big nor too small! We work together as a team of professionals and find a great solution to make your pool clean, healthy, and ready where you are!

Our team manages over 100 million gallons of recreational water every month! Our expertise and unmatched professional pool service are why thousands of Coachella Valley families trust Claropool every day to ensure their pools are safe and ready to enjoy.


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