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Saving Your Pool This Summer

This is going to be a summer to remember. The pool industry is taking quite a hit with shortages, especially with Chlorine. There are SO MANY pools in the Coachella Valley that we all have to keep clean. In order, to do this, we have to use Chlorine, which creates high demand, low inventory.

Realtors, we would love to partner up with you to give your clients that are pool/spa owners the BEST for the summer. Chlorine is running short here in the valley, so we have a great solution!

To help your clients with pools this summer, we have a special coupon to give to them from you!

This special offer will work for our referral program as well, which will get you FREE pool inspection for homes in escrow.

Simply, fill out the form or email us at and we will contact you with the details!

Why the switch?

Without a properly chlorinated pool, the risk of danger increases! We are talking about algae growing and turning your pool green, unwanted guests start to show up, and waterborne illnesses can be in the pool water.

How can we prevent it all and have a great summer?


You have probably heard someone say that they have a salt pool already, it is nothing new! Salt is a compound made from two elements, Na and Cl... Sodium and CHLORINE! So the leaders in the pool business created Salt Chlorinators, which use the salt to naturally create chlorine in your pool.

Who knew this could be done? It is a GENIOUS invention that is going to SAVE OUR SUMMER.

Say bye-bye to green pools and create a better pool experience!

The benefits

Softer on the skin

Better for your eyes

No more harsh chlorine smells


So no more waiting around with chlorine. Make the switch TODAY and SAVE.

Call (760)341-3377


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