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Water Safety Tips

May is National Water Safety Month, and to help spread awareness and water safety, last week, we showcased our 55/5 campaign to help kids learn to swim. Leaders in the business of swimming pools: Fluidra, Pentair, HASA, and Poolcorp have come together to help the sport of swimming and raise money to help kids learn to swim.

This year, we are unable to hold our huge events again (but we will soon!). However, we are raising money to help more than 1,000 kids to learn to swim by the 55th day of summer? Can we do it? YES!

Over the years we continuously see the number of drownings rise and it needs to stop! Together, we can keep EVERYONE SAFE. With the help of our non-profit division, Swim to Win, we have been able to teach thousands upon thousands of kids how to swim.

As we help kids how to swim with our 55/5 campaign, here are some ways you can help right at home in addition to having your child take swimming lessons!

1. Watch the swimmer

It is essential to ALWAYS watch the swimmer. Though they may know how to swim, we have to do our part and watch out for any danger. Pool floats could be all over the pool or covering the exit. That can heald to some serious trouble!

2. Install a Pool Fence

This is to help prevent danger when no one is around. Little kids love to adventure in the backyard, and if they see a colorful pool float there, they are more inclined to go get it. This is the first preventative measure that helps reduce the risk of drowning when away from the pool.

3. Learn CPR

You never know when it will be needed, though we may be safe, an accident can happen and you can be there to save a life. To take a CPR class click here or give us a call at (760)341-3377.

4. Know your limits

Say you are in the middle of the pool floating and start to feel tired, do not keep going! It is okay to take a break. Rest and recover before going into the pool again. It is not safe to keep going and get so tired that you cannot get out of the pool. Keep yourself and those around you SAFE.

5. Do not drink the pool water

This is to prevent choking. Never chew gum or food either. Drinking the water is not tasty either!

There are so many more tips to know when swimming, this is just the start! Let's come together to end preventable drownings by taking preventative measures.

What else would you include in the list? Leave a comment below!



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